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Fond memories for the ghosts of Driscoll (Daily Herald, 5-30-2020)

I rarely get choked-up reading about real estate deals, but Robert Sanchez’s report of a proposed subdivision on the site of Driscoll High School in Addison hit home. As a member of the Class of ’70 (the Charter Class), I worried our 50th anniversary may pass unheralded. 

Driscoll Class of ’70 was a special group (each year we were the upperclassmen) at a special school (a pioneer of the 6-day “modular schedule” and a rare co-ed Catholic school) in a special building (windowless to curb energy costs and wistful gazing). It was also a special time in U.S. history. While at Driscoll, I morphed from a crew-cut Teenaged Republican whistling Broadway tunes to shaggy anti-war demonstrator playing “Louie Louie” in a garage band. 

Our graduating class was small, maybe 100. Driscoll’s football and baseball dynasties were decades off. The building was still under construction during the first semester. Power saws usually operated during math class, which explains a lot. Despite the growing pains, I can truly say the best teachers I ever had were at Driscoll. 

But alma mater closed in 2009. It was purchased by the Village of Addison in 2010 and the windowless building was razed. As reported in the Daily Herald, the proposed development would be called “The Highlands” (after our beloved Highlanders, whatever they were supposed to be). 

So on May 31, at 3:30 pm, I plan to go out to Addison where Driscoll’s ghost footprint can still be seen. I’ll think of other ghosts while I’m there. 

Claude Walker (Driscoll Class of 1970)

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