Claude Walker | Bicentennial-By-Buttons

 Rentschler's elephant

The heaviest (and priciest) campaign freebie ever. Bill Rentschler was a Lake Forest publisher and commentator who ran twice for U.S. Senate (twice losing GOP Primaries to a nominee who would lose to a Dem.). This bronze elephant is from his 1960 race. He served time for a Malaysian timber deal.

 Powell lighterPaul Powell's bag

Paul Powell's lighter and "Put It In The Bag" (see Gallery #22 - BUSTED!) 

Blago sponge

Pronunciation Sponge (See Gallery #2 - BUSTED!)

Sayles Obama

Filmmaker John Sayles issued this "campaign button" in 2003, way before you-know-who. See any similarities?

Jesse White's comb Jesse White comb

Debra Shore QR Code 1st use of QR Code thingie on a campaign poster?

Rosty-farian flashback

Rosty-farian Congressional Flashback...flashback...flashback... (see Gallery #5 - BUSTED Congress-critters)

Schmidt pot-holder

John Schmidt pot-holder shoulda read "He can take the heat!"

Hillary statue Hillary statue (See Gallery #3 - They Ran for POTUS)

 Quinn Nerf Frisbee Nerf

You Lose Prediction for candidates hoping to honestly speak their mind, courtesy of Pete D'Alessandro channeling Marvin Lucas.

Illinois Power uranium

Schoolchildren touring the defunct Illinois Power Clinton nuke received a simulated uranium pellet. What kid doesn't love uranium? Reminds me of Com Ed's old jingle: "Electricity costs less today, you know, than it did many long years ago. A little birdie told me so. Cheap, cheap...Little Bill!"

Pooch car-topper Pooch car-topper