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Meet the Drone Dogs Players (in order of appearance)

Val the Valedictorian, 19, Chicago. Drone-O-LimpX Finalist and Drone Motocross champ. A photographer, Val is a “dronie” pioneer. Sister of One-Armed Tito.

Zipline Park, 40, Oakland, San Francisco. Engineer, drone designer. Drone-O-LimpX Finalist and Drone Drag Race champ. “World’s fastest drone-jockey”.

Jerome “Sarge” Rockwell, 38, Yazoo City, Mississippi. Retired military drone pilot with dozens of kills. Drone-O-LimpX Finalist and Drone Biathlon champ.

Jojo Dubbs, 34, Toledo, Ohio. Computer programmer, inventor. Drone-O-LimpX Finalist and Drone Lacrosse champ. Created tiny drones and the “Secret Swarm” maneuver.

Rommy “PACMan” DuVall. 58, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Founder of DuVall Aerials, among the world’s top drone manufacturers. Lobbyist for Big Drone.

Butchie Kaminski, 35, Chicago. Electrical engineer turned “second-story man” with an eye to innovation. College chum of Jojo Dubbs.

Fury, 39, Chicago. Grand Leader of the War Dukes, grandson of the gang’s founder. His aides include Bomber (an arsonist/drone pilot) and Marti (scheduler, strategist. spy).

Det. Rick “Sully” Sullivan, 38, Chicago. Gang intervention cop who creates the Department’s first drone unit. He works closely with FBI drone expert Liz Chinn.

Nila Sham, 18, Ryeland, Minnesota. High school senior. Daughter of Uzbeki immigrants who operate grain farm. Avid drone-user, videographer. Cousin of Quvo.

U.S. Rep. Paul Tortuga, 42, (D-Oregon). Hydraulic engineer turned crusading Congressman. Pushes “Safe Skies Initiative” to regulate and tax drones. Hero of the SAFE movement (Skies Are For Everyone).



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