Claude Walker | Bicentennial-By-Buttons

Meet the Drones (in order of appearance)

Sparrow. A tiny feathered drone invented by Jojo Dubbs. A more-camouflaged iteration is called the Wren. They can be used alone or in a group of swarmbots.

Laser Blazer. A high-speed, cherry-red drone designed by Zipline Park for the Drone-O-LimpX.

DuVall Mosquito. Insect-sized drone which can inoculate, draw blood, inject tracking chip. Agent Chinn uses the Mosquito Mama, an aircraft carrier for tiny Skeeter-Shooters.

DuVall SSD-1. Zipline Park’s “Solar-Stealth Drone” is the fastest-selling drone in the world.

Worker Ant. A DuVall octodrone with a hoist capable of grabbing heavy payloads.

DuVall CDD-1. “Crowd Dispersion Drone”. Equipped with tear-gas, rubber bullets, shotgun, grenades, cameras, taser, high-decibel sound blasts, strobe lights.

DuVall DKD-1. “Drone-Killer Drone”.

DuVall KISS. “Kids in Skies and Stars”. A pink drone marketed for pre-teen girls.

DuVall Ghost. A drone which uses holograms and “drone-clones” to confuse and distract.

DuVall TIT-100. “Themal Imaging Technology”. Uses infra-red imaging to “see through walls”. Name later changed to CAR (“Criminal Activity Revealer”)

Shotgun-Drone. Also dart drones, laser and taser drones, stun drones, cable-cutter drones, graffiti drones and the Copycat, which can be produced on a 3D printer.

Picker-Upper. Jojo Dubbs’s hoisting drone - similar to DuVall’s Worker Ant - with a custom-designed claw. AKA the Canine Crane. A Wren version is called the Pearl-loiner.

DuVall Sky Tractor. Crop-dusting drone used by farmers, including Nila Sham’s father.

Machete. Lethal Honduran-made kamikaze drone; resembles a knife-like rocket-plane.

Vulcan Twister. An Indian-made drone which sprays kerosene over a large area and ignites it, causing a fiery whirlwind affect.

Maya-in-the-Skya, used by archaeologists in Belize.

Super Cyclops. High-altitude drone with special camera and facial-recognition software.

Flying Fish Tacos. Tasty Mexican food “drone-livered” to your door, piping hot. Offshoots include Pie-in-the-Sky Pizza and Dro-nuts.

DuVall Groundhog, a “hands-free” personal drone which shadows its “master”.

DuVall Sky-Skripter, a skywiting drone which writes mile-high messages made of parrafin and steam.

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