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 "Currents of Power: A Modern Political Novel — Revised Edition"

By Claude Walker

Currents of Power: A Modern Political Novel: Revised Edition is a behind-the-scenes look at a year-long political campaign for statewide office. We meet eight very different candidates and their inner circles, families and lovers. We follow their paths to power, motivations, schemes and passions.

The reader has a front-row seat to the drama of a modern campaign: the grand strategies, brutal revelations and human failings. The book is a poignant love story and droll commentary on our political culture.

Lyrical and expressionistic, Currents of Power describes the kaleidoscope of unique characters and perfect moments that swirl through a statewide race. The author likens ever-shifting political forces to the complex currents in streams and rivers, all flowing steadily to the State Capitol...

The book twice made literary history when it was first released in 2001 by becoming the first political novel with a Latina protagonist and the first novel about state politics to be e-published.

A revised edition was issued in 2009 with a new forward.

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