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Bad birds...hatchet is buried...My Children...unhappy warfare...

"Nations are often precipitated into ruinous war"  "Nations are often precipitated into ruinous war from folly, from pride, from ambition and from desire of military fame.  Beware how you give a fatal military insubordination." - Sen. Henry Clay chiding Gen. Andrew Jackson for his invasion of Spanish-owned Florida. December 1818

"The hatchet is buried"  "The hatchet is buried; the muskets, the white man's arms, are stacked in peace. Do you wish them to remain so?"  - James Gadsen at Moultrie Creek, September 1823

 "...a mildness and sweetness." "I never saw a more finely formed man - graceful in every kind and motion.  An oval face - the cheekbones not very high - fine features and a mildness and sweetness of expression..." - Corinna Brown, writing to her brother about meeting Osceola, 1830s

"My Children..." "My Children, you know me and know I would not deceive nor advise you to do anything that was unjust...My Children, I have never deceived nor will I ever deceive the red man."  - Andrew Jackson, March 1835

"Bad birds"  "But should you listen to the bad birds that are flying about and refuse to move, I have directed the commanding officer to remove you by force."  - Andrew Jackson, March 1835

"I am a warrior."  "I make war against white warriors for I am a warrior. I do not fight squaws and papooses."          - Osceola instructing a war party to spare women and children, 1836 

"Unhappy warfare."  "(I) desire to promote the great interests of humanity, and extend the reign of peace and good will by terminating the unhappy warfare that had so long been carried on..."  - President John Tyler, informing Congress of his intent to end the war, May 10, 1842

"Exterminate the Seminoles?"  "What has been done to remove or exterminate the Seminoles? We answer nothing!"  -Tampa Peninsular editorial, after decades of the U.S. trying to remove or exterminate the Seminoles, April 1856





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