Claude Walker | Bicentennial-By-Buttons

The Shape of the State is good.

Illinois GOP Women Illinois Dem WomenBicentennial official pin


Illinois Love I Heart Button Museum

Celebrating same-sex marriage in Illinois. Courtesy of Busy Beaver Museum.

shapely buttonsShapely candsShapely Prez candsMcCain-Fuhr CountryWalk Across ILQuinn yard signObama ILREI - ILJimmy Carter for President in '76Jimmy Carter for President in '76 Illinois   Jeff Ladd - IL'92 GOP IL

Illinois For Brooks Political Button MuseumThompson Ryan

Illinois Citizens for Reagan Political Button MuseumJim Thompson 1976 Political Button Museum  Illinois Republican State Convention 1984 Event Button MuseumIllinois Rivers Appreciation Month Event Button Museum

Carter Illinois, Charles Wayland Brooks, Reagan Illinois, Thompson '76, GOP State Convention and Illinois Rivers buttons courtesy Busy Beaver Museum.

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