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Cover story Asian Week magazine (The Voice of Asian America)

Double Play: Asian players score in the big leagues and help revive America's favorite pasttime. By Claude Walker

"On a warm summer night in Los Angeles, two gentlemen from Japan made Major League Baseball history. When Anaheim Angel pitcher Shigetoshi Hasegawa walked to the mound on June 18 before a crowd of 46,000, he and Dodger starter Hideo Nomo became the first two pitchers from Japan to face each other in a U.S. big league game..."  (full article coming soon)

Sidebar: On the diamond, in the bleachers. By Claude Walker

"...Teams in regions with large APA communities have capitalized on the heightened media coverage of Nomo, Park and Irabu by crafting marketing strategies to entice a new generation of APA fans. The Dodgers have been in the forefront, with pocket schedules, broadcasts and a website in Japanese and Korean. The Mets recently hosted Asian American Night at Shea, complete with Asian food, dragon dancers and a Korean American opera singer performing the National Anthem..." (full article coming soon)

AsianWeek, August 29, 1997



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