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“Pleasant ballpark, brutal food lines, disengaged fans”
3 of 5 stars Reviewed August 17, 2013

Went to three games at Coors last month, as part of my pal Joe's and my annual Cubs Road-trip.

We walked from our hotel a mile away. The approach to the park is impressive. The exterior architecture is intriguing. We weren't sure how it fit into the neighborhood, but it did. Maybe re-used materials? It doesn't knock your socks off, but is a warm welcome to the game. You can buy bottled water (stay're a mile high!) and peanuts from vendors outside for much cheaper than inside. Courteous ticket-takers & ushers. Easy to find seats. Cramped johns.

The stadium has interesting nooks and crannies (not cookie-cutter). In some places, you can see the Rocky Mountains. ( We saw a blazing sunset from the RF upper deck). In other places, you glimpse downtown. We sat in 3 different places during the weekend; good sight-lines, although the upper deck seats are really high up.

The video scoreboard is a reminder that big (and loud) doesn't necessarily enhance the fan experience. I'm old-school. I keep score. I monitor pitch count. Between innings, I want to see scores from other games around MLB, not be bombarded with some "fan involvement" gimmick ("For a free hot dog, Trixie, can you tell us what catcher Jo-Jo Jones's favorite color is?" Oy.

Speaking of hot dogs, food and beer lines were brutal. I blew 3 innings Friday night waiting for an overpriced beer and a cheeseburger that was a mess.

And speaking of fans, they seemed disengaged. I didn't see anyone keeping score except Joe & me. Fans only stirred when the behemoth video board instructed them to "Make Noise!" I was waiting for the scoreboard to command them to "Wake up!" And there is no worse reflection of a stadium culture than the Wave, which Rockies' fans do with regularity. People: Real fans don't do the Wave.

One fun feature is the line of purple seats that wrap around the stadium's upper deck indicating a mile above sea level.

For post-game fun, there are several bars and a lively street scene nearby.

Other than the bored fans, obnoxious scoreboard and inhumane lines, my Coors experience was positive.

Visited July 2013

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