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How Austin Jackson is tied to Jerome Walton & Grover Cleveland Alexander, or, Why this is the Team of Destiny

The billy goat, black cat and Bartman hexes will be zapped by this omen. For the first time, the Cubs have two players whose first & last names are names of Chicago streets: Austin (6000 West) Jackson (300 South), and Addison (3600N) Russell (500E)

Further, there are three more Cubbies whose last names are also Chicago street names: Travis Wood (1800W), Jon Lester (5500N) and David Ross (200W).

Other Cubbies whose first & last names are Chicago streets: Jerome (7500N) Walton (900N), Junior (4200N) Lake (200N), Thomas (1100N) “Flash” Gordon (4200N), Lawrence (4800N) “Larry” Jackson (300S), Blake (2200W) DeWitt (240E), Scott (1200N) May (1100W), Scott (1200N) Fletcher (3100N), and the Trifecta: Grover (4900N) Cleveland (400W) Alexander (2200S).

All-Time List of Cubbies whose last names are Chicago street names: Dusty Baker (3000E), Ernie Banks (1300N), Kiki Cuyler (4000N), Andre Dawson (3400W), Dick Ellsworth (400E), Shawn Estes (7100N), Mark Grace (3800N), Dallas Green (800W), Glenallen Hill (1100N), Derek Lee (700N), Shawn Marshall (2900W), Mike Morgan (1000W), Bill North (1600N), Adolfo Phillips (2400E), Tuffy Rhoads (500E), Charlie Root (4100S), Sammy & Tony Taylor (1000S), Randy Wells (200W), Billy Williams (200E), Hack Wilson (4600N), Kerry Wood (1800W).

The only White Sox? Jim Thome (6300N), Shoeless Joe & Bo Jackson (300S), Wilbur Wood (1800W), Claudell Washington (100N). Who’s Chicago’s Team now?

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