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“A model for other cities”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 13, 2015

What a great bridge! Nicely restored, fantastic vistas, good for public health. And it's free!

I saw both a sunrise and sunset from the Walnut Street Bridge, and strongly recommend a visit at those times of day. The baby blue steel girders, wood pathway and intricate design make for an excellent urban hike amid the mountains. A model for other cities with obsolete rail bridges.

When I was there at sunrise, there were a few joggers, including two 70-something ladies from North Chattanooga who said they walk the bridge every single morning, "rain or shine". I saw a rowing crew and their training boat far below on the foggy river. Clouds draped the mountains. Very serene.

At sunset, the path gets pretty busy, with cyclists, joggers, dog-walkers & roller-bladers jockeying for position. I saw a nasty collision between a cyclist and a mommy pushing a stroller while yakking on a cellphone. I wonder if anyone has studied the effects of 2nd-hand yak on infants?

One way they could improve this gem is to replace the informational display panels which feature old photos and newsclips that are barely legible due to sun & rain, I guess. It's an opportunity to tell the story of Chattanooga and celebrate its heritage.

Visited June 2015

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